Winter Weather Advice

Winter is Here!Westmatic Winter Washing Tips for Large Vehicles

While most of us are getting out the snow brushes and topping off our wiper fluid, here's some advice on making sure that your truck wash system will provide top performance through winter's toughest weather.


Wash systems are engineered to perform at full capacity 365 days a year and now that winter is upon us, it's a good time to check over your system. As with any type of equipment, regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure that it is operating efficiently regardless of the weather.

Clean Trenches and Pits

Salt, sand, cinders, gravel, and road dirt can build up in your trenches and pits. A thorough cleaning is recommended on a regular basis throughout the year, but it's especially important in winter. Make sure you clean out any debris from the trench screen.

Water Reclaim System? Check Your Inline Filters

When you've finished cleaning the pit and re-start the wash system, you may re-introduce sedimentation into the water reclamation system. Run the washing equipment for a short period and inspect the inline filters. If they are clogging, give them a quick cleaning, or consider replacing. Filters should be inspected and cleaned periodically.


You will find nozzles on your chassis wheel wash, pre-soak arch, rinse arches, etc. Nozzles should be replaced annually to ensure a consistent wash result.

Clean Water Cyclone Tips

The blue tip at the bottom of the water cyclone should be removed and cleaned regularly. Monthly cleaning is advised but it will vary based on your wash frequency.

Keep Your Photocell Eyes Clean

Just like your cell phone screen, photocell eyes need a quick cleaning every day. Aggressive cleaners or cloths can damage the photo eyes so use warm water to wipe them down.

Check Your Programming

If you're introducing new vehicles to your fleet, make sure to re-check your programming.

Check Your Brush Performance

At the end of winter, consider changing your brushes. Historically brushes on a drive-through system perform best up to two years or 20,000 wash cycles. On a roll-over system, performance is two years or 40,000 vehicles.


Call Jim Smith for information on maintaining your Westmatic large vehicle wash system at 1-866-747-4567, ext. 114. Or email Jim at [email protected] with your service and maintenance questions.


For information on setting up a preventative maintenance program, contact Chris Jordan at [email protected] or at 1-866-747-4567, ext. 110.


Safe Driving!

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