Our goal since day one is to develop innovative solutions to wash heavy vehicles such as the buses, trucks and trains that carry people and goods every day throughout the world. Originally founded as an engineering company, we continue to maintain that focus and design every aspect of our wash equipment and water treatment products.

Our dedicated research and development teams based in Sweden and in the United States embrace a continuous development process. We work with advanced engineering, customer input and new technology to produce more effective wash programs, shorter wash cycles, and reduced maintenance costs for our customers.

Committed to the Environment

Sweden is an acknowledged world leader in environmental protection and works closely with the United States to advance environmental sustainability and clean technologies. Westmatic is committed to designing and manufacturing large vehicle wash systems that meet the demand to conserve resources. In Scandinavian and European countries, the cost of water and electricity on average, is four times higher than in the United States and Canada. Consequently, our systems use up to 50% less water, electricity, and chemicals compared to traditional wash systems.