Discover the innovation behind the Westmatic 6-Brush Drive-Through system, built with a hot-dipped galvanized framework for durability. This advanced system features two sets of vertical brushes, including specially designed bicycle rack brushes, ensuring thorough cleaning from every angle.

During operation, the first set of vertical brushes employs exclusive overlapping movements to scrub both the front and rear of the vehicle. The second set counter-rotates to eliminate shadows along the vehicle's sides, enhancing cleaning efficiency. Meanwhile, the third set of brushes is precisely engineered to effectively clean alongside bicycle racks.

Unlike traditional systems, Westmatic's electronically controlled brushes eliminate costly pneumatic air cylinder components, ensuring low maintenance and reliable performance over time. This engineering excellence guarantees consistently brilliant wash results, maintaining peak performance for years.

Choosing a Westmatic bus wash system not only delivers superior cleaning but also minimizes wash bay space requirements. This not only reduces new build costs but also facilitates straightforward retro-fitting into existing wash bays, offering practical solutions for any facility.