Our large vehicle wash systems provide environmentally-friendly water treatment solutions which will help you manage your water usage and preserve the environment. Save water with our truck wash wastewater treatment.


Water Recycling and Purification Systems

Recycle 85% of your wash water with a Westmatic water recycling system

  • Fully automatic. Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel hydro-cyclonic separation achieves water quality of 10 microns
  • Uses ozone to accelerate solids precipitation and eliminate odor

Westmatic's water recycling system can drastically reduce sewer impact fees as well as your monthly water bills. The system can re-use up to 85% of the wash water. Unlike traditional wash systems which mask the odor and bacteria in wastewater with unnatural chemicals (perfume additives), we use natural ozone (O2) which is safe for the environment. Ozone injection eliminates odor and bacteria growth and accelerates solids precipitation. We promise to recycle your water safely and effectively.


Water Reclaim Systems That Make A Difference

Large truck or bus fleets in areas that are exposed to extreme weather conditions may need to be washed frequently which uses an extremely large quantity of water. Using our truck wash wastewater treatment systems not only saves your organization money, but it also helps save resources on your cities water systems. Contact Us to find out more about our water reclaim systems and how they can make a difference at your wash!