Westmatic can help schools, school transportation providers and motor coach operators find the right system for their wash bay. The Westmatic 2-Brush rollover/gantry system provides a high-quality wash using two vertical side brushes. The overlapping brushes intelligently wash the front and sides of the bus and around mirrors and other vehicle protrusions such as stop arms and crossing arms. The brushes thoroughly clean the rear of the bus, eliminating the 'skunk stripe' that you often see on buses while keeping rear windows clean for added visibility and safety.


Less Downtime

Lower Operating Costs

Mirror Protection

The system is also available in a 3-Brush configuration which features a top horizontal brush and two vertical side brushes.

Westmatic brushes provide a safe, gentle friction cleaning which protects your paint finish and graphics. The Westmatic Rollover/gantry system is capable of being installed in most existing wash bays.