Westmatic’s automated vehicle sizing/contouring system controls the brushes so that they can safely clean vehicles of different shapes and sizes. The brushes will intelligently wash around mirrors and other vehicle protrusions and can be installed in most existing wash bays



2-Brush and 3-Brush Options

The Westmatic rollover system is available in a 2-brush and a 3-brush configuration to meet your budget needs.

The versatile 3-Brush rollover features two vertical brushes and one top brush. The top brush washes roofs, windshields and can double wash the fronts and rears of buses or trucks.

Whether operating a private fleet or a retail location, the Westmatic rollover provides a brilliant wash result while maintaining a low cost of operation.




Equipped with the latest PLC technology, Westmatic's wash systems incorporate advanced programming and control. All aspects of the system are constantly monitored and adjusted, ensuring safe and consistent results. Each system comes standard with an LCD touchscreen wash program selector and step-by-step self-diagnostics and troubleshooting.