Our drive-through wash system is capable of washing vehicles ranging from transit buses, tractor-trailers, school buses, motor coaches, and cars. Our wash systems can be custom-tailored to handle your fleet for maximum efficiency. Don't forget about our water reclaim technology.



Overlapping Brush Movement

The vertical brushes on the Westmatic drive-through move into the center of the wash bay and clean the fronts and rears with an overlapping movement and eliminates any striping down the rear of the vehicle. Striping is most common with traditional vehicle wash systems that require the use of pneumatic air cylinders. Our vertical brushes are capable of not only washing the front and rear but sides as well.


Advanced Technology

Equipped with the latest PLC technology, Westmatic's wash systems incorporate advanced programming and control. All aspects of the system are constantly monitored and adjusted, ensuring the safest and most consistent results. Each system comes standard with an LCD touchscreen wash program selector, and step-by-step self-diagnostics and troubleshooting. We can also wirelessly remote into the equipment to help diagnose and program.