The Ideal Large Truck Wash System

The Westmatic automatic truck wash system is the ideal machine for public or private fleets and effective on many types of vehicles. The Westmatic Automatic Vehicle Wash is great for school buses, motorcoaches, tractor-trailers, and even cars. With an automatic truck wash system, the size of your vehicle won't be an issue for the wash. For many large fleet trucks, fitting into a normal car wash isn't a possibility. However, these systems can be easily sized just for your specific vehicles. They are highly customizable, so there is no worry about a truck getting stuck inside the system or simply not fitting inside.

There are many ways to get your commercial trucks or fleet vehicles clean. The Westmatic automatic truck wash system is an efficient & affordable solution to get your fleet vehicles clean in a short amount of time. When you have the equipment like the Westmatic automatic truck wash system, you can be sure that your trucks will be clean and spotless without harsh chemicals and without wasting water.


Westmatic's Automatic Truck Wash Systems Include:


Westmatic Truck Wash Systems

To avoid lost productivity and revenue that would happen if you had to send your trucks away for a wash, use an on-site automatic truck wash to keep the fleet clean! With the minimal time needed, you can still have a great-looking fleet without taking a full day, or more, to keep them looking great. And with these automatic truck wash systems, you won't have to have employees taking time to hand-wash the trucks. Keep your reputation high with trucks that have a professional, clean appearance without a major loss in employees hours with these customizable systems.

Wash trucks of different sizes and shapes by customizing the size of the system. It saves money, employee time and makes your truck fleet look far more impressive. An automatic truck wash is easy to use and won't require new personnel to use the system. It's a fast, easy and highly economical way to ensure a clean fleet.

The Westmatic truck wash is what you need to get your over-sized vehicles clean and cleaned efficiently. Our Truck Washing Systems really deliver and are easy to customize for your specific needs. You can add on accessories like a wheel wash, undercarriage wash, detail guns, water purification systems, water recycling systems, dryer systems, and more!

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