Winter Weather Advice

Making sure your truck wash system provides top performance all winter long.


Westmatic is now washing the trains of Toronto!

Twin Line Train Wash system in Toronto for Go Metrolinx.

Clean and GREEN

Westmatic - committed to the environment.

Winter: Your Fleet's Worst Nightmare

 Road salt.  Tough on trucks and buses, tough on the environment.

The Westmatic Multiwash

Multiwash 3-Brush Rollover | Large Vehicle Wash System 

Why a Westmatic Drive-Through System?

The ideal solution for transit and large fleets of one-hundred or more vehicles.

The Importance of a Chassis Wash

 Increase your fleet's fuel efficiency with a Westmatic Chassis Wash.

Touchless Vehicle Wash Systems

Heavy equipment requires a heavy duty, Westmatic wash.

Back to School with Westmatic

 Make a great first impression with a Westmatic bus wash system.

Westmatic Keeps Fleet Washing "Clean and Green"

Washing your buses, trucks, and trains professionally will save money and the environment.