Starting a Commercial Truck Wash?

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Westmatic's experts can help with your commercial truck wash equipment decisions and assist with the design of your facility. From understanding your building requirements to specifying the right wash system, and connecting you with finance opportunities. Westmatic is committed to the success of your new business venture.

What kind of truck wash equipment should I buy?

Your retail wash customers will love the high-quality wash they'll get with our Heavy Duty Rollover truck wash system. The most versatile vehicle wash system on the market today, the Heavy Duty washes with brushes, in a touchless mode, or in combination. 

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Start a Commercial Truck Wash

Thanks to Westmatic's Scandinavian engineering, our machines are incredibly efficient when it comes to consumables - making it an ideal piece of equipment for profitability's sake. Westmatic's truck wash equipment uses less water, chemicals and electricity compared to other manufacturers, allowing you to maximize profits while being mindful of the environment. Our machines have lower operating costs, guaranteeing a return-on-investment while keeping your costs at a minimum. 

Low Maintenance

With all their sophistication, Westmatic's wash equipment remains simple to operate and maintain. We can ensure your equipment remains operational longer with decreased downtime. Westmatic offers customizable preventative maintenance contracts to ensure your equipment is routinely inspected and is operating at peak performance. This allows you to stay ahead of potential failures and will keep you washing!

Let's Get Started!

Before you purchase your commercial wash system, there are several steps to consider:
  • Location, location, location: before selecting a site, research the area
  • Important criteria to consider: population, competition, traffic counts and ease of access
  • We recommend a minimum of one to two acres of land
  • Research what local codes, business licenses, and permits are needed to open a wash
  • What your local municipal planning and approval process is: zoning regulations, traffic impact and surrounding development can impact your project's approval, so be ready to demonstrate the value of your new facility and the contribution it will make to the local community
  • Make sure there are adequate utilities to the site, such as water, power, and sewer lines
  • Develop a business plan including a feasibility study and traffic study
  • Consider how you will let potential customers know about your new truck wash
  • Secure financing
Westmatic can provide sample equipment and building footprint drawings that can be used as the basis for further planning. These drawings are helpful to your architect or contractor as they prepare their construction documents. 
Don't forget to ask our Truck Wash experts about our free ROI calculator. Based on the proposed equipment package and site characteristics, the calculator provides key information for your business plan and financing.

Take Advantage of 100% Financing

We've teamed up with a specialized financing company, Ascentium Capital, who stands ready to help finance your new retail truck wash facility and equipment. Ascentium offers competitive payment options and their 100% Financing Program allows you to include tax, shipping, installation, and other costs.

  1. Application-only up to $250,000
  2. Financing and leasing up to $1.5 million*
  3. Credit decisions as fast as 2 hours
  4. Simple paperwork

Apply for financing now!


Experience a Consultative Approach

Your finance specialist will develop a financing plan to match your cash flow needs. Some of the benefits of financing with Ascentium Capital include: 

  • No or low upfront costs
  • Delayed payment options
  • Potential tax savings (Financing based on credit approval, for tax benefits please consult your tax advisor)

About Ascentium Capital

Ascentium Capital is a national direct lender that delivers affordable financing. This, combined with an exceptional service offering, means you have easy access to capital. For more information, please visit

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