Starting a Commercial Truck Wash?

Westmatic Truck Wash from Westmatic on Vimeo.

Whether you're an owner/operator, corporate fleet, or commercial truck wash owner, Westmatic
offers a variety of large vehicle wash systems which will help you maintain a clean fleet image.

What kind of truck wash equipment should I buy?

Our Heavy Duty Three Brush Rollover is ideal for truck fleet washing and for commercial truck wash operations. The Heavy Duty Wash System can wash in a brush mode, a touchless mode, or a combination of both.

Low Maintenance

Westmatic's wash equipment is simple to operate and maintain. We can ensure your equipment remains operational longer with decreased downtime. Westmatic offers customizable preventative maintenance contracts to ensure your equipment is routinely inspected and is operating at peak performance. This allows you to stay ahead of potential failures and will keep you washing your fleet!
As an equipment manufacturer, we cannot help with site selection, building construction or business financing and we do not offer franchise opportunities.

Take Advantage of 100% Financing

We've teamed up with a specialized financing company, Ascentium Capital, who stands ready to help finance your new retail truck wash equipment. Ascentium offers competitive payment options and their 100% Financing Program allows you to include tax, shipping, installation, and other costs.

  1. Application-only up to $250,000
  2. Financing and leasing up to $1.5 million*
  3. Credit decisions as fast as 2 hours
  4. Simple paperwork


About Ascentium Capital

Ascentium Capital is a national direct lender that delivers affordable financing.

Your Finance Specialist: 
Curt Newsom, Vice President Sales 
Ascentium Capital
Phone: 281-902-1939
Email:  [email protected]