Snow Plow Wash Systems

Westmatic snow plow wash systems are engineered and designed to wash and decontaminate snow plows and trucks off the snow, dirt, grime, heavy mud, and other pollutants. Washing the snow plow is essential to avoid equipment damage and breakdown. Ice and salt buildup can corrode the metal at a high rate, and it can cause extreme damage when it gets in contact with the electrical components.Snow Plow Wash

Why Choose Westmatic Snow Plow Washing Systems?

If you are looking for a snow plow wash systems, here is why you should consider Westmatic for all your heavy vehicle washing systems:

High-Quality Washing Systems

At Westmatic, we pride ourselves in manufacturing high-quality, environment-friendly snow plow washing systems. Our automatic washing systems are available in touchless, brush configuration, or a combination of both.

Advanced Wash Systems

We provide large vehicle wash systems, including trucks, trains, and buses. We embrace new technology, continuous research, and development to manufacture the most effective wash systems that deliver excellent results with minimal maintenance costs and shorter wash cycles.

Use of Clean Technologies

At Westmatic, we are committed to manufacturing and designing high-quality large vehicle wash systems using clean technologies to advance environmental sustainability. Our systems are designed to use up to 50% less water, chemicals, and electricity than traditional wash systems.

Water Recycling Washing systems

At Westmatic, we understand the importance of water reuse. Our water recycling systems will help you reuse up to 85% of the wash water, which helps reduce your water and sewer costs.

Save on labor costs by purchasing automatic snow plow wash systems from Westmatic. You can choose from the drive-through, rollover, or touchless large vehicle washing systems. Contact us today and learn more about snow plow wash systems.