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Three years ago we won a contract to provide a wash system for the United States Post Office.The contract was structured where they provided the building and we provided the machines, installation and ongoing maintenance. We were responsible for their truck washing system for 5 years. Selecting the best equipment in the world for this contract was critical since we were responsible for ongoing maintenance and for the performance of the machine. Being in the car and truck wash industry for the previous 20 years assisted in executing a thorough due diligence with this procurement. We selected Westmatic over 3 other machines for their advanced engineering and practical approach to washing trucks automatically. If we bring another automatic truck wash, we will be using Westmatic again. It's been a win-win since we began a relationship with them.

Dennis Stanton
President, Stanton Systems
United States Postal Service


I have been dealing with Westmatic for over 4 years. We have 3 of their washes installed and a 4th getting ready to go in. Our Lorton location has had the wash the longest. As of this letter we have used the wash 65,758 times. (Recorded in 2008). Westmatic has been great at getting us any supplies needed and when the crew makes a mistake and does some damage to the machine they have gotten their repair crew here to get us up and running again. The machine does take a beating quite well, the preventative maintenance is not hard and even when it's missed a couple of times the machine still keeps on ticking.

Sean Miller
Maintenance Manager
Veolia Transportation

I would like to thank Westmatic for their excellent service and outstanding professionalism. Whitehall School District has purchased a Westmatic bus wash. This machine has been a great asset to our operation. We have a school bus fleet size of 60 units, including all different types and sizes, makes and models and this machine has been working efficiently since installed. We also have approximately 15 miscellaneous trucks. Westmatic's bus wash is everything we had hoped for. It does a great job washing the fleet and is easy to operate. Thanks again for your continued excellence.

Ricky Smith
Shop Foreman
Whitehall-Coplay School District

When a need for a new bus washing system was identified, the work went out that the city was looking for a new system that uses less water. The city's 700 buses, all subject to Calgary's weather conditions, are washed regularly and it takes liters of water to keep them clean. A bus washing system provided by Westmatic, recycles 95% of the wastewater. This new system saves the city 2.2 million liters of water every year by using a centrifuge to remove solids from the wastewater so that it can be used again and again.

City of Calgary
Environmental Management System

We are a transit system currently operating 100 buses and have been using the Westmatic compact 2-brush bus wash system for the past 4 years. We have found it to be an excellent unit. The unit is reliable and does an excellent job on the buses. The unit is supported by servicing staff who are knowledgeable, expedient and helpful. The unit has accumulated 90,000 washes and with some periodic maintenance has been trouble free. As the bus maintenance manager I am very satisfied with our unit and would rate it very high.

George Kotsopoulos
Manager, Maintenance
Durham Region Transit

London Transit has replaced two twenty-year-old-plus bus washers with Westmatic's four brush wash system. The first washer was replaced, with a second one scheduled contingent on the performance of the first washer. The first washer performed well, and the second washer was installed. London Transit is very pleased with the performance of these two washers. Some obvious benefits noted to date include: Cleaner buses, no broken mirrors, improved brush life, the software program allowing brushes to conform to bus design irregularities such as the Orion 2's and bike racks, a more compact design contributing to a more efficient wash, options that can be added in the future (extra brushes, wheel wash, touchless), and very good follow up for maintenance and service.

David Anderson
Director of Plant Equipment
London Transit Commission

Our experience with Westmatic has been very positive. Westmatic vehicle wash systems are excellent and well thought out. Their staff is quick and responsive to questions and issues every time I've called. Everyone is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable at the Westmatic office. If a potential car wash buyer asked my opinion, I would say that Westmatic is an excellent company and technology leader within the industry. Our experience with Westmatic has definitely reshaped my views on how future car washes should be designed, built, and operated. The ease of use allows any operator to use the equipment with simple training.

Westmatic has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our satisfaction with all of their products as business owners you have to place a large amount of trust in the reliability of equipment. We have always felt at ease when using Westmatic equipment. There are few companies that will work through an entire problem from beginning to end and never falter from resolution as Westmatic does. The support staff is flawless in their efforts to achieve customer satisfaction; they willingly assist in any way possible. I would highly recommend the Westmatic system to anyone looking to purchase a gantry system. We strongly believe in the Westmatic Company as a whole. We always consider Westmatic products over any others due to the overwhelming success we have had thus far.

Neil Toussaint
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Saratoga Eagle Sales and Service

We have a Westmatic Vehicle Wash system which is approximately eight years old. It currently has 86830 wash cycles. In the six years that I have worked for First Transit, Inc. I have found it to be a dependable system with a good wash quality. On the few occasions that we've had a problem, I have found the technical service of high standards and the tech support to be very friendly and informative. Over all an excellent product and service.

Mike Royle
Maintenance Supervisor
First Transit

We purchased a heavy duty, 3-brush rollover truck wash system from Westmatic Corporation which has been operational since 3rd Quarter 2008. We are pleased with the service and the availability of their technical support.

Patrick "Buck" Muehlfeld
Chief Financial Officer
Bryan Truck Line, Inc.

The County of Fairfax will have a total of 4 Westmatic COMPACT 6-Brush Bus Wash Systems installed by July 2009. The service, quality, and availability of Westmatic technical support has consistently met the needs of our Bus Garages. The County operates a commuter bus system with over 200 transit buses. Thank you for your responsiveness.

Pamela Rittenhouse
County of Fairfax, DOT
County of Fairfax Department of Transportation