Heavy Equipment Wash Systems for California Companies

A high-powered heavy equipment wash system will save you time and money and still give you an efficient cleaning process. Implementing the correct application and design produced by Westmatic for your operations in California enhances work safety, lowers equipment downtime, promotes natural resource conservation, and reduces maintenance costs.

Our environmentally-friendly designs for heavy wash systems come in various setups to allow flexibility in your operations in California.

The heavy cleaning systems will effectively clean haul trucks, hydraulic excavators, public works vehicles, bulldozers, salt trucks, buses, trains, and other oversize equipment.

We have Heavy Wash Systems for your California based business

The setup comes with simple, straightforward operations and installation. It saves time, cost, and maintenance, through its core features like the self-adjusting, robotic high-pressure spray booms.

In addition, despite being heavy-duty cleaning system manufacturers, we design them to reclaim and recycle up to 85% of wash water, control runoff and safely dispose of it, which promotes environmental conservation.

Contact us if you want the best California heavy equipment wash systems and learn more about our design's unique features.