Heavy Equipment Wash Systems

Are you in need of a wash system that will keep your heavy equipment, such as construction vehicles, buses, and locomotives, safe and operating at an efficient level? Westmatic is the perfect fit for your large-scale vehicle cleaning needs. 

Drive-Through Truck Washing System                                

Our low-pressure rotary brushes are designed to deliver a scratch-free clean with minimal water usage. Further, this system is very low maintenance and durable for long-term use. Plus, the PLC technology allows you to customize the wash cycle easily, enabling short or long washing processes depending on your needs.

Rollover/Gantry Systems

This high-quality wash system is designed with an automated vehicle sizing system to clean all vehicle parts thoroughly. The brushes and sprayers can be easily adjusted to meet individual requirements and cater to any existing wash bay. It's simple, fast, and reliable – offering you peace of mind that your fleet is in good hands.

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Systems For Washing

Heavy equipment wash systems are essential for keeping large vehicles clean, safe, and operating efficiently. Not only do they provide effective cleaning, but they also save you time and money. Additionally, the systems are low maintenance and environmentally friendly, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.