Garbage Truck Wash Systems

Westmatic specializes in providing top-of-the-line cleaning solutions to garbage trucks of all shapes and sizes. Our team will help you determine which is best that suits your needs. It highly depends on the fleet's size, infrastructure, and wash schedule to determine which is best for you.

Drive-Thru System                                                                      

Garbage Truck Wash SystemsThere is a state-of-the-art system at Westmatic that is perfect for a fleet of garbage trucks. It washes the trucks having a reduced wash time of 90 seconds. You can have the trucks in and out of this system in no time!


The rollover/gantry truck wash system is designed to make the process smooth for garbage trucks. The only thing the driver needs to do is to pull up in the gantry and park. After that, the machine begins a cycle that's selected for that truck and begins washing. There is an average time of 5 to 10 minutes per truck per wash.

Water Recycling and Purification

You can choose to add water recycling purification to help reduce the environmental impact while the truck is being washed. It is fully automatic and even uses ozone to eliminate odor and more.

Optimize your wash even more

You can choose to optimize your wash even more by using some of the options and accessories from Westmatic. You can choose the following options for your wash:

  • Chassis, Wheel, and Detail Equipment Options
  • Pre-soak, Rinse, Wax Dry Equipment Options
  • Vehicle/Fleet Monitoring Systems.