Construction Vehicle Wash Systems

Effective construction vehicle wash systems can help you reduce downtime, especially if you pick our purpose-built designs from Westmatic USA. The heavy work done by construction trucks makes them highly susceptible to picking mud and other dirt, and without proper care, it reduces the lifespan, but we have a solution.

Why You Should Get Our Construction Wash Systems

Westmatic produces large vehicle wash systems through a team of dedicated experts and engineers. As we consider your needs, we also ensure environmental conservation measures remain in our designs.

In such cases, we offer the drive-through system for large but compact and regularly shaped vehicles, the touchless system, and rollover/gantry setups.

The touchless system is uniquely designed for large, irregularly shaped vehicles. On the other hand, we have the rollover/gantry system that doesn't need a driver to steer through the wash system.

We also provide services and original parts for your system as we meet the demand to conserve natural resources like water, low-maintenance application, and time-efficient setups. Contact us to learn about these systems in the US.

Construction Vehicle Wash Systems