Chassis Wash System

When cleaning, one of the challenges is the chassis wash. It's usually a lengthy and sensitive process that requires a different setup. This is why Westmatic's chassis wash system offers an excellent solution to United States residents looking to install a large vehicle wash setup.

Our Reputation

For over 40 years, we have produced quality chassis wash systems and other equipment to ensure your business runs smoothly. The Westmatic system presents a safe environment and set up for cleaning the chassis and also helps you save time.

Our experts have established a chassis wash system in the US with a cleaning pressure of 1200PSI at 80GPM, specifically, the WCS-400. This unique system by Westmatic helps you remove dirt build-up, oil, and other debris and materials under your vehicle that an ordinary wash will not achieve.

Why Get the Westmatic Chassis Wash System?                         

Our chassis wash system is an innovative solution for vehicle cleaning businesses and other customers. If you are looking for a system with low maintenance costs, shorter but effective wash cycles, and efficient wash programs in the US, Westmatic is your solution.

As we design this system to meet your needs, we also focus on

  • Using the latest technology
  • Ensuring that it's environmentally safe and conserves resources
  • Water recycling and reuse. Our system reuses up to 85% of wash water

You can contact us or fill out the contact form on our page for a quote to learn more. Our experts are waiting to hear from you.