Bus Washing Systems

Bus Cleaning Services

Versatile, compact, efficient, and easy to use, the Westmatic bus wash system is the ideal solution for saving time and money when washing your fleet of buses and other over-sized vehicles. Bus cleaning is simple, easy, and most importantly, doesn't require traveling off-site when you use the Westmatic bus wash system.

Advanced Bus Cleaning Systems

The Westmatic system is unique because it has the same advanced features found at most independent automated large vehicle washing locations while easily fitting inside the vehicle storage facilities you already own. Here are the primary bus washing systems we offer.

These systems offer plenty of benefits for bus fleet owners.

Easy to Use

The Westmatic bus wash system can be fully operated by a single person with only about an hour of training and practice.

Prevents Damage to Buses

Using a simple traffic light design, the Drive-Through Wash System brings the brushes to the bus, rather than the bus to the brushes. This reduces the need for driver judgement and better protects both the bus and the wash system from damage. Additionally, the Touchless Wash System is better able to clean even the most hard to reach places on any bus and prevents damage that can be caused by brush friction.

Environmentally Friendly

The Westmatic bus cleaning system helps protect the environment through efficiency. Through use of intelligent automation, this system uses roughly half as much water, electricity, and chemicals than other traditional large vehicle cleaning systems on the market today.

Minimal Maintenance

A Westmatic system requires minimal maintenance for optimal use. A single operator need only spend about 30 minutes a month providing mechanical adjustments and preventative maintenance to keep it in full working order.

Compact Design

The compact design of the Westmatic system allows it to easily fit inside almost any existing vehicle storage area, without the need to build new facilities or transfer buses to other locations.

Contact Westmatic for Bus Washing Made Easy

With a Westmatic bus washing system, you can keep an entire fleet of buses clean at both a low cost and a minimal investment of time, without ever leaving your bus storage facilities. These advanced bus cleaning systems allow for multiple buses to be efficiently cleaned in succession by a single operator.

If you are looking for an effective solution for the problem of keeping your bus fleet clean throughout the year, a Westmatic bus washing system is the solution you are looking for. This system can be customized to for over-sized vehicle of any size and optimized for a fleet of any size. Contact Westmatic today to receive more information about the variety of large vehicle wash systems we offer.