Clean and GREEN

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Eco-Friendly Large Vehicle Wash Systems

Although we aren't Irish, we sure love to embrace our "green-ness." At Westmatic, we take pride in producing extremely environmentally-friendly large vehicle wash systems and wash bay accessories that protect our environment.

Prior to the introduction of Westmatic's large vehicle wash systems into North America, the systems were designed and manufactured in Arvika, Sweden. Westmatic's wash equipment was engineered around the European market, where on average, the cost of water and electricity is four times higher than in the United States and Canada. With that said, Westmatic Corporation has continued to embrace the Swedish engineering and has applied it to its North American manufacturing, resulting in the most innovative large vehicle wash equipment on the market today. 

Westmatic also specializes in wastewater treatment.  Due to the harmful wastewater that runs-off the vehicle during the wash process, we offer water recycling and water purification. Water recycling also cuts down on your cost of operation, as your water bills will decrease significantly. Westmatic's water purification system, RENAREN, will treat the remaining water to a level of 99% purification, making it completely safe to release to the sewer.

Here at Westmatic, we take the environment seriously, and you should, too.  Do your part to keep the world's greatest resource Clean & Green!

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