Water Recycling System

Water recycling and re-use are both environmentally and fiscally beneficial.  Water recycling has become an increasingly important component of any modern vehicle wash system.  Westmatic's proven water recycling systems utilize cyclonic separation to achieve water quality of 10 microns.  Odor control is achieved by the use of Ozone injection, which safely and effectively eliminates any odor-causing bacteria.  Ozone injection also accelerates solids precipitation.  This process enables water reclamation of up to 85%, drastically reducing sewer impact fees as well as monthly bills.

Westmatic, Water Recycling SystemThe recycling system uses stainless steel hydro cyclones for mechanical purification.  This fully automatic system, controlled by level regulators, requires minimum maintenance.  The water recycling system is manufactured with capacities from 40-300 gallons/minute (165-1200 liters/minute) depending on the size of the system.  There are no chemical or other additives utilized- only Ozone - which is strongly oxidizing and has the advantage of not reacting to a number of other matters.  The ozone decomposes other molecules, organic matters, and a number of different metals and other pollutants which affect water quality. 

For decades, Westmatic has been producing effective, cost-efficient water reclaims equipment that meets the highest standards.

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