Vehicle Wash System Manufacturer 

Westmatic has been among the best vehicle wash system manufacturers for over 45 years. As a large vehicle wash system manufacturer, we have designed our system to specifically meet the needs of businesses of every size. Our vehicle wash systems fit comfortably in just about any available space, work quickly, require minimal training to use, minimal upkeep, and use less water and electricity than other models from competing manufacturers.

Big Savings with Westmatic

The beauty of our large vehicle wash systems is that they provide industrial quality cleaning at a cost that is minimal. Westmatic vehicle wash systems are green products that use the absolute minimum amount of water and energy necessary to provide a thorough cleaning. High-pressure nozzles automatically limit the amount of water, electricity, and chemicals used. This saves money from the moment of purchase.

Vehicle Wash System Manufacturer Touchless Rollover System

The touchless rollover system also saves money in two different ways. This system prevents the need for a dedicated operator. It also prevents damage to the vehicles while they are being cleaned. Many wash systems can damage vehicles if they are oddly shaped or have protrusions. The Westmatic vehicle wash system avoids touching the vehicle in any way, preventing damage to the vulnerable portions of a fleet.

Small Footprint

Many businesses are concerned about the footprint of a vehicle wash system since storage space costs money. The Westmatic vehicle wash system cleans even the largest of trucks with a very small footprint. It easily fits in the corner of just about any size garage, ready for use at a moment's notice.

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If you are looking to keep your large vehicle fleet clean without breaking the bank, contact the best vehicle wash system manufacturer in the world today.