Truck Wash Repair 

While we take pride in making large vehicle washes that are highly durable, even the best vehicle wash occasionally needs repairs. At Westmatic, we make getting truck wash repairs as easy as possible. We maintain a massive stock of spare parts and employ a highly experienced service crew that always gets the job done quickly.

Wide Service Network 

Since our large vehicle washes are being used by businesses throughout the globe, we maintain a highly trained service network that has technicians no matter the country. This allows us to provide prompt servicing no matter where your business is located. Additionally, our service technicians have access to a huge selection of spare parts that are constantly inventoried to ensure that no items are out of stock.

Truck Wash RepairAfter Market Parts

Another benefit we offer is sales of aftermarket parts. We know that some repairs are simple enough that our clients can perform them without assistance. If you are interested in maintaining some aftermarket parts, simply contact Westmatic for more information.

Preventative Maintenance Program

The best way to save money on vehicle wash repairs is to enroll in the Westmatic preventative maintenance program. Our program involves annual inspections of your Westmatic vehicle wash to find any damage or inefficiencies. These regular inspections result in finding problems early, allowing us to make repairs and adjustments that will protect against major damage and make your vehicle wash more energy efficient. The overall savings will almost certainly be higher than the annual cost of the maintenance program.

Contact Westmatic Today

Whether you need troubleshooting for a problem with your large vehicle wash, want to enroll in our maintenance plan, or need immediate truck wash repair for your Westmatic product, contact our helpful maintenance team today to schedule a prompt appointment.