Train Wash Systems

Hi-Speed, Commuter/Regional, Automated People Movers (APM), Light Rail Vehicles (LRV), Trolleys, Trams, and Monorails

Westmatic train wash systems are well suited to service today’s rail bound vehicles. With 40+ years of worldwide experience cleaning railway vehicles, our systems are customized to fit your fleet size, configuration, and wash schedule demands.

Automatic Wash Systems 
Our highly advanced automatic wash systems identify the type and configuration of your train and automatically adjust to the specific contours of your train fleet.

Our systems are designed and configured in various brush/friction models, touchless or combination HYBRID models. Westmatic’s Twin Line split-brush wash system is capable of friction washing the front, eaves, roof and rear of cars making it the most versatile train wash system on the market today.

Manage Your Wash Cycle
Westmatic’s advanced programming and PLC technology offers solutions via RFID to identify, register and record various train configurations an wash cycles for operators. The transponder works to collect data and automatically selects wash programs according to vehicle type and configuration.


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Train wash solutions. Worldwide experience. Made in the USA

Twin Line System

Westmatic's train wash systems are unique to the industry as our brushes can wash the front, eaves and rear of the train several times (during one wash cycle). Our Twin Line wash system can be installed to wash the train entering from either end of the wash bay (bi-directionally).


Providing comprehensive oversight on complex projects:

•    In-person site evaluations
•    Design-assist partner for construction coordination
•    Site-specific equipment layout drawings with utility and infrastructure requirements
•    Engineering submittals and consumption figures
•    Complete equipment installation
•    Equipment start-up, testing, commissioning and owner training
•    Operation and maintenance training for specified personnel
•    Customized chemical solutions for each machine application