Our Sales Team

The sales team at Westmatic consists of specially-trained sales personnel who know the ins-and-outs of every item on our extensive product list.  Our sales people are equipped to help you to determine the best vehicle wash system for your fleet.  Westmatic offers free site evaluations where we can determine which wash system is best for you based on your fleet type, fleet size, wash volume, space requirements, budget, and any other unique site factors.

Each Westmatic Vehicle Wash System is custom designed and built to your needs.  Whether your facility is a new-build, or an existing facility, we can provide you with the best wash equipment on the market.  Contact one of our Sales Representatives today in order to learn more about our Automatic Large Vehicle Wash Systems!

United States:

Steve Wawro
Sales Manager

Office: 1-866-747-4567 Ext. 102
Email: [email protected]

Scott Witter
Key Account Manager- East

Office: 1-866-747-4567 Ext. 109
Email: s[email protected]

Don Schiedel
Key Account Manager - West
Office: 1-866-747-4567 Ext. 117
Email: d[email protected]

Aftermarket Sales United States:

Chris Jordan
Aftermarket Sales Manager

Office: 1-866-747-4657 Ext. 110
Cell:    1-716-243-6142
Fax:    1-716-242-0055
Email: c[email protected]