St. Louis Truck Wash System

Owners of truck fleets know that a clean truck is a healthy truck. A clean truck requires less maintenance work, will generally get better fuel mileage, and is less likely to require expensive repairs. Additionally, a clean truck projects an image of a professional company. Keeping the trucks clean in your St. Louis fleet is simply a great way to save money and earn more revenue. For these reasons, your St. Louis company wants a truck wash system which will keep every truck in your fleet as clean as the day it rolled off the line. To keep your trucks pristine, there is simply no better system than the wash system from Westmatic.

Advantages of the Westmatic Truck Wash SystemSt. Louis Truck Wash System

The main advantage of the Westmatic truck wash system is that it fits easily in the garage space that you are already using to store your trucks. You don't need to drive your trucks off property or build a new facility in order to use this system. It is compact, taking up minimal room in truck storage facilities you already own. And since it is located where your trucks are, you will save money on gas and save time when cleaning your truck fleet.

Additionally, the Westmatic system is remarkably easy to use. Any employee can learn to use it in minutes and the washing process is fast and efficient. This will let you save even more time and expense when cleaning your fleet. Besides only requiring one operator, the automated system also protects your truck and saves water and power while washing your trucks. The automated Rollover Washing System can detect the dimensions of your truck and any protrusions and will wash it in a way that avoids damaging the exterior. It also is incredibly precise in water and power usage, using roughly 50% of the water of similar truck wash systems.

Save money, time, manpower, and electricity while cleaning your St. Louis truck fleet with the Westmatic wash system.