St. Louis Bus Wash System

If you are looking for a system that is capable efficiently and inexpensively cleaning your entire fleet of St. Louis commercial buses, you won't find a better product than the Westmatic bush wash system. This unique system offers all of the benefits of a professional commercial washing service, without requiring your buses to ever leave your company garage.

The Westmatic Bus Wash SystemSt. Louis Bus Wash System

The patented Westmatic system is an automated professional washing system that provides a complete and professional cleaning for a vehicle of any size. The Westmatic system can automatically identify the dimensions of any vehicle and then adjusts to provide a perfect, residue-free clean for that size vehicle. Features like the Drive Through System and Touchless Wash Systems take the driver out of the equation when washing vehicles, reducing the danger of damage caused by driver error. And the Rollover Wash System assures that every single inch of your buses receives a thorough and complete cleaning.

Advantages of the Westmatic System

There simply isn't a better bus wash system for cleaning your fleet of St. Louis buses than the Westmatic system. A professional cleaning job is just the first of many advantages it offers to your business. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Compact size that can fit easily in your bus storage area
  • Simple to learn system requires only a single operator
  • Automated system minimizes water, power, and chemical usage during cleaning, saving your company money and protecting the environment
  • Requires minimal upkeep to keep in peak operating condition

Overall, this bus washing system offers all of the features you can find from a professional commercial washing service, but with the added benefits that your fleet never has to leave your garage to take advantage of it and you have access to it 24 hours a day. Those benefits make the Westmatic system the clear choice when it comes to cleaning your St. Louis bus fleet.

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