Service & Maintenance Contracts

Westmatic wash systems and equipment have proven their ability to save business owners and municipalities thousands of dollars through dedicated fleet washing bays that save time, cleaning supplies and manpower when maintaining a fleet of vehicles. Westmatic Corporation is now able to make the process even more hassle-free and convenient for business owners with Wash System Service & Maintenance Contracts.

Westmatic's wash equipment offers precision performance and maintaining this high level of capability requires periodical maintenance to keep all systems operational and extend the lifespan of your wash equipment. Westmatic allows you to save on training and manpower by removing the responsibility of maintenance from busy business owners and gives you the peace of mind that your wash system is receiving the high level of wash system maintenance with a Service & Maintenance Contract that is essential for optimal performance.

Contracts for Service & Maintenance on your Wash Systems

Service & Maintenance ContractsWash System Service & Maintenance Contracts are affordable and will pay for themselves several times over the lifespan of your machine. With no need to hire and train employees to maintain your wash system equipment, it's much easier to allow the professionals to keep you running smoothly.  The large vehicle wash systems are responsible to keep your fleet on the road, and mechanical failure or repairs can be costly and take vital vehicles out of service.

Our Service & Maintenance Contracts prevent these headaches and frees up your time.  Westmatic's  Service  & Maintenance Contracts can be written to the precise frequency of visits needed for your business and can be monthly, quarterly or bi-annually, so you don't have to worry about scheduling.  Clients that choose affordable and headache-free service contracts will enjoy smoother operating systems with fewer mechanical failures and less down-time. Not only are Westmatic technicians specialists with the equipment, special discounts are available for service contract clients.