Seattle Vehicle Wash System

Seattle Vehicle Wash System

Have a large fleet of buses, trucks, or other large vehicles? Looking for a cost effective, time efficient, green way to clean that fleet? Westmatic offers the highest quality Seattle vehicle wash system for your needs. With this system installed in your facilities, you can clean an entire fleet of vehicles in just a few hours without having to waste time and money at commercial wash facilities. This vehicle wash system will keep your Seattle commercial vehicle fleet looking good while reducing the effort and cost of doing so.

Benefits of a Seattle Vehicle Wash System

The three main benefits of getting a Seattle vehicle wash system from Westmatic are that it is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and efficient.

  • Cost Effective - Westmatic will work with you directly to install a personalized system that has the lowest cost per wash possible. While the initial investment is high, low monthly maintenance costs means that you save money in the long run over commercial washing facilities. You will also save fuel costs due to not have to drive your vehicles to washing facilities.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Westmatic systems are specifically designed to use as little water as possible. Automatic systems control water pressure and spray time in order to conserve as much water as possible.
  • Efficient - Every Seattle vehicle wash system from Westmatic has a built in Drive-Through System, Touchless Wash System, and Rollover Washing System. These systems work together to clean your vehicles with minimal interaction from an operator. Automation increases the speed of the process and prevents damage to vehicles while they are being washed.

A personalized vehicle wash system for your Seattle business is the ideal way to keep your fleet of vehicles looking great. You won't find a better system to enhance your business than the system offered by Westmatic. 

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