Seattle Truck Wash System

Westmatic has the Seattle truck wash system you need! Let's face it. Your trucks are one of the most important components of your business. You spend countless dollars maintaining them to keep your drivers safe. However, when these trucks are on the road, they are often sharing that space with other would-be clients. That's why you need an effective truck wash system in place. Not only does it keep your trucks in good working order, but it also ensures that your brand and logo are easily seen by potential customers.

Why Should You Use Our System?Seattle Truck Wash System

In Seattle, truck wash system selection is important. When you purchase your system through us, you'll gain outstanding benefits including:

  • A system that moves into the center of the wash bay and uses overlapping techniques. This ensures a very thorough and quality clean.
  • The brushes work to scrub away grim from nearly all parts including the front, sides and the back.
  • The system works well on all trucks including straight and tractor trailers.
  • The innovative style uses a smaller amount of energy - it uses less chemicals, less water, and less electricity. That makes it a green solution. At the same time, it is also cost effective.

You have options when it comes to a truck wash system. Seattle area trucking companies and owners, though, will benefit hands down from the easy, efficient, and reliable systems that we offer.

Ready to Get Your New Truck Wash System in Place?

Keep your fleet looking its very best. With this system, there's very little maintenance necessary. And, your system comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor as well as a 10 year warranty on the hot-dipped galvanized framework. You can rely on this system to work reliably for years to come. It takes only a few minutes to wash down the car, but the results ensure your brand stands out.