San Francisco Train Wash System

Washing a train or trolley car can be challenging. You can't simply drive it down to the local automated car wash and washing it by hand requires many man hours of work. The latter simply isn't an efficient solution for any business. Westmatic has created an alternative solution that will let you efficiently clean all of your train or trolley cars at a minimum of cost and time to your business.

Train Wash System by Westmatic

The Train Wash System provided by Westmaic, can efficiently clean train and trolley cars of almost any size. This system offers numerous advantages to your San Francisco business when it comes to washing train cars.

  • Easy Installation - The San Francisco Train Wash System from Westmatic is compact and can easily be installed in storage space your business already owns. Installation should take less than a day.
  • Water Efficient - The automatic system uses substantially less water than other cleaning options. This will help you save water during the California drought.
  • Fast Cleanings - The automated system can clean in minutes what it would take hours to clean by hand.
  • Easy to Use - The San Francisco Train Wash System by Westmatic can be run by a single operator, who can learn to use the system in a matter of hours.
  • Easy to Maintain - This train wash system only requires a few minutes of maintenance every month to stay completely operational.

Cleaning Made EasySan Francisco Train Wash System

Cleaning your train and trolley cars is easy in San Francisco when you use a Westmatic Train Wash System. The system will automatically detect the dimensions of your train car and only use the amount of water and chemicals necessary for the specific car. The automated system will clean your train cars thoroughly and efficiently, without damage or wear. This will save time, money, and be great for the environment while cleaning your trains. What more can you ask for?

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