San Francisco Bus/Trolley Wash

No one would deny that San Francisco is a busy place.  From the tech sector, to the art community, people are always headed somewhere in this beautiful city. There is one problem with busy cities that you may not always think about, or notice, and that's the wear and tear effect on public transportation. San Francisco's daily bus ridership alone comes in somewhere around 305,000 people - not to mention the historic trolley system. What is the most efficient way for a city like this to keep its vehicles clean? At Westmatic, we believe we have the answer.

We are the top designers of bus and trolley wash systems across the globe, and in San Francisco, we can make a serious difference.  Our systems are efficient, environmentally friendly, and we help to reduce costly replacements due to wear and tear with a bus wash that is upgradable and customizable as your needs continue to grow.

Our San Francisco bus and trolley wash systems are custom designed not only for large vehicles, but for San Francisco's large vehicles; we will get your buses clean from top to bottom, in no time flat. 

Bus/Trolly Wash in San Francisco

San Fancisco Bus/Trolly WashWorried about implementing our systems? There's no need, our highly trained professionals can install our system from scratch, or upgrade your existing one.  Our brushes and rollers are designed specifically for buses and trolleys, ensuring that your vehicles are getting the absolute best wash possible, every time.

With a new bus and trolley wash system from Westmatic, San Francisco patrons will see your buses in a whole new light.  When your public transport vehicles roll out each morning, sparkling clean, it will help a great deal to change the perception of taking the bus; creating a more positive outlook on a greener and more economical mode of transport.

Our bus and trolley wash systems will help you cut costs by cutting time. Simply running your vehicles through our machine each day will be more than enough to ensure your buses are looking great, significantly reducing the amount of time and labor necessary to clean each bus.

Westmatic has been changing the way cities keep their public transit systems looking clean and presentable, and we couldn't be more excited to be bringing our bus and trolley wash systems to San Francisco. From our innovative wash systems, to our water purification systems, we are proud to be taking even a small part in creating a greener and more efficient planet.

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