San Antonio Truck Wash

Your fleet of trucks can last much longer with daily washing. San Antonio truck wash systems are a very economical way to extend the life of your large vehicles. Westmatic Corporation has a line of sophisticated wash systems to handle your large vehicle washing maintenance.

Keeping your fleet of vehicles clean and ready for the road is imperative. Westmatic Corporation has designed effective large vehicle wash systems that can handle the task of washing and maintaining your trucks with ease.

Truck Wash System San Antonio

There are several systems to choose from that make your large vehicle washing a simple task. Choose your truck washing system from our variety of large vehicle wash systems:

  • 2-Brush Drive-Through System
  • 4-Brush Drive-Through System
  • Rollover Truck Washing System
  • Touchless Truck Wash systems

Your San Antonio truck wash systems are easily installed into the place you designate for your fleet's maintenance. These systems are designed specifically to wash all of your large vehicles including the undercarriage.

San Antonio Truck WashWestmatic Corporation
has made this process easier and cost efficient for your budget. Keeping your fleet of large vehicles clean will keep your vehicles free of many detrimental elements while maintaining their original quality.

Keeping the original quality through washing can save on costly repair. The undercarriage alone can be protected from soot, grime, dust and salt damage. These innovativewash systems prevent this type of buildup on your large vehicles. Westmatic Corporation has designed these systems for customization to specifically fit your company needs for San Antonio truck wash systems.