San Antonio Bus Wash System

Keeping your fleet clean is essential to the professional appearance. However washing a large vehicle has its challenges. The size of the vehicle means it is hard to wash it in an economical and reasonable amount of time. This can lead to letting your fleet get a lot dirtier than a business should.

Westmatic Large Vehicle Washing Systems will ensure that your fleet looks sharp with minimal labor hours. In fact for those with large fleets, we offer automatic washers that can save you a lot of time and money. If you want the best San Antonio bus wash system than look at what our automatic bus washers can do for you.

Clean fleets put the forth the best face of your city and encourages everyone to use your transit system. Increasing the rate at which people use mass transit helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and resources used for transportation. That is something that everyone can feel good about.

Systems Designed For The Environment

San Antonio Bus Wash System

Westmatic washing systems have been designed with the environment in mind. Our washers are designed for efficiency so no more wasting water or using high amounts of expensive cleaners.

Better washing can help protect your buses from the corrosion and decay that can occur when debris is left in place for long periods of time. This means your fleet will last longer and need fewer repairs over the years. Even a new paint job can mean a lot of money and taking a vehicle out of your fleet for a few days. Proper washing helps keep paint jobs lasting longer.

Westmatic is proud to offer the best San Antonio bus wash system. Contact us today and get your fleet looking its best. We offer a variety of different washers to suit your budget and the size of your fleet