Phoenix Bus Wash System

Road dirt and dust is a menace to your companies buses. Not only does it reduce the appeal of your bus fleet, it can slip into vital systems like the engine or gas tank and cause serious and expensive to repair damage to your buses. The best way to avoid these problems is to clean effectively clean your buses regularly. And the best way to clean your company's buses is with a Phoenix bus was system from Westmatic.

Best Bus Wash System in Phoenix

When you need a bus wash system in Phoenix, you can't do better than the bus wash system made by Westmatic. This product offers a number of advantages that you can't get from other systems or by contracting the cleaning of your buses off to another business.

  • Compact Design - This system will fit in the garage you already own, giving you easy and constant access
  • Simple to Use - The bus wash system from Westmatic requires only a single operator with minimal training
  • Fast Washes - This system is fast and unless your fleet is enormous, should easily clean it in a single day
  • Automatic - Automatic washing minimizes the likelihood of damage during cleaning and maximizes the effectiveness of cleaning

Save Your Company Money 

An unexpected benefit of the Westmatic system is that it will save you money. The Westmatic bus wash system is designed to conserve water and chemicals during use. Also, because it only requires a single operator and requires minimal maintenance, your company will also save money on employee costs while using this system to clean your bus fleet. And, of course, by keeping your fleet clean, you will save money on maintenance and repair for your buses. When you want a bus wash system in Phoenix that is highly effective and saves your company money, the Westmatic system is the bus wash system you can trust.

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Phoenix Bus Wash System