Philadelphia Truck Wash System

A clean truck is a truck that is safe, makes your company look better, and requires less maintenance. This is why you should clean your Philadelphia truck fleet as often as possible. But regular industrial washes can get expensive, especially if you are purchasing those washes from independent large wash facilities. In order to keep your truck fleet clean at a reasonable cost, you need a Philadelphia truck wash system from Westmatic.

Advantages of the Westmatic SystemPhiladelphia Truck Wash System

The main advantage of the Westmatic truck wash system for your truck fleet is that it will save you thousands of dollars in cleaning costs. Once the system is installed, each individual cleaning will cost you a fraction of the money you would spend to get your truck cleaned at an independent facility. Additionally, since you are saving money on cleaning costs, you can afford to clean more regularly, which will help protect your fleet from road wear, saving you money on maintenance and repair costs for your vehicles.

In addition to saving money with the Westmatic Philadelphia truck wash system, you also benefit from ease of access to washing facilities. Your Westmatic system is available for use 24 hours a days, 365 days a year, and only requires a single operator. And, since the system is easy to use, you can easily train any of your employees to use it.

Truck Wash System Options

The Westmatic truck wash system is as good or better than any other professional industrial washing system. It is fully automated and can include the following features:

These are features that you only expect to find at independent washing facilities. With the Westmatic system, you enjoy all of these benefits on a system that easily fits within your garage, is easy to use, and is available year round. For more information about how to obtain a Westmatic Truck Wash System, Contact Us Today!