Philadelphia Bus Wash System

Looking to clean an entire fleet of buses, but trying to avoid breaking the bank while doing so? If so, the Philadelphia Bus Wash System from Westmatic is an ideal solution to your bus cleaning needs. This system won't just clean your buses, it will do so efficiently, safely, and most importantly, economically.

Saving Money with the Philadelphia Bus Wash System

The Westmatic Bus Wash System can save money for your Philadelphia business in a number of ways.

  • Minimal Space Requirements - This system won't require you to purchase a new facility for washing your buses. You can install it in the storage facility you already have for your bus fleet.
  • Water Efficient - As an automated system, the Westmatic Bus Wash System conserves water, which will save you money on utility bills year over year.
  • Minimal Maintenance - This system needs very little maintenance to keep it fully functional.
  • Automated System - In addition to saving water by being automated, the automated system also protects your buses from damage while being washed, because the system automatically measures your buses and avoids causing brush damage.
  • Fast Cleaning - This bus wash system only requires a single operator and each cleaning is done remarkably quickly. This will save your company money on labor costs.

Professional Cleaning in Your Garage

When you need a bus wash system in Philadelphia, go with Westmatic. Between automated cleaning, vehicle customization, Rollover Wash feature, Automatic Drive-Through feature, and the compact design, this system is like having a professional bus washing business that fits in a corner of your garage. Use the Bus Wash System from Westmatic to save time, saving money, and conserving the environment, all while cleaning your bus fleet in a professional manner.

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Philadelphia Bus Wash System