New York Truck Wash System

If you own a fleet of trucks and are reading this, then you probably already realize the importance of keeping your fleet clean and looking its best. Unfortunately, as the world continues to evolve through further technological advances, the trucking industry is an industry that has seen little change.

However, that has changed with the recent creation of truck wash systems and solutions in the past few years. These are green solutions that have never been presented to the industry in the past and make truck washing easier and more efficient providing a cost-effective solution to a time-consuming task.

With a Westmatic'sNew York truck wash system, you can expect complete customization based on the size of your trucks and based on your needs. Your customized system will provide your trucks with a deep clean, ensuring that aluminum rails sparkle and the chrome of your trucks gleam.

Truck Wash Systems New York

New York Truck Wash SystemDuring the first phase of the deep clean process, the cleaning itself takes place with an automated system that first penetrates any and all dirt and grime on your trucks with a chemical application. And then during the second phase, all of the chemicals used to clean the trucks, as well as the dirt and grime, are effectively rinsed away with a high-pressure washing system.

They are rinsed away with the least amount of water waste, which is a green solution for the planet when it comes to truck washing. Truck wash systems also generally include maintenance service programs to keep your New York truck wash systems performing their best. This entire process is performed using only top-of-the-line machinery ensuring that your fleet looks its best at all times when out on the road.

If you're searching for truck wash systems in New York, remember to approach the purchase of your new system as an "investment." When your fleet sparkles thanks to one of Westmatic's truck washing systems, this is one of the best methods of advertising that you can do for your business. Remember, your trucks represent your brand. And regardless of the size of your trucks, there are customized automated solutions for any fleet owner.


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