New York Bus Wash System

The Bus Wash System in New York by Westmatic Corp keeps your fleets of transit buses and motor coaches clean. Nothing leaves a worse impression with the public than a dirty fleet. Our drive-through washing system from Westmatic has a compact design that will reduce the amount of space needed for a wash bay.

Westmatic's bus wash systems are customizable to meet the needs of the fleet while reducing operator judgment with fully automated systems. They are highly versatile and work with many different types and sizes of vehicles.

The New York Bus Wash System is able to move into the center of the wash bay and use overlapping brush movement to clean the vehicle right the first time. Brushes wash the sides, front, and back of the vehicle, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Westmatic uses an exclusive Mirror Protection Program on all of its systems. Brushes and high-pressure spray booms are monitored with sensors to detect protruding objects and avoid them.

Bus Wash Systems in New York

Westmatic uses belts on its wash systems. Chains are high maintenance, and belts require none. If any problems occur, Westmatic uses only factory direct engineers and technicians to resolve them.

New York Bus Wash SystemThe systems come with a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 10-year warranty on the hot-dipped galvanized framework. Wash systems only require five to ten minutes of maintenance per week.

Because of its innovative design, a New York Bus Wash System uses about half the water, electricity, and chemicals as traditional systems. This saves a small fortune over time, and is environmentally friendly.

To find out more visit the Transit Bus Wash System page or call 1-866-747-4567.

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