Minneapolis Truck Wash System

Your truck fleet is indispensable to your Minneapolis business. Not only does it provide transport for your business, but to many people on the road it is the face of your business, offering instant publicity to anyone that sees one of your trucks. For these reasons, it is essential that you maintain your trucks in the best condition possible. One of the best ways to maintain both the outward appearance of your truck fleet and the mechanical parts of your truck is to thoroughly clean your fleet on a regular basis. There is no better way to keep the truck fleet of your Minneapolis business clean than with a truck wash system from Westmatic.

How Our System WorksMinneapolis Truck Wash System

The Westmatic truck wash system is simple but efficient. This compact system is small enough to set up inside garage space that you already own. Thanks to our Rollover Wash System, Drive-Through System or our Touchless Truck Wash System, a single individual can then clean your entire fleet in just a matter of hours. Automation ensures that every single crevice of your trucks are thoroughly cleaned, that the process is fast and easy, and that you trucks are never damaged in any way during the cleaning process. Best of all, the system only requires about an hour or so of maintenance a month in order for it to stay in perfect working order.

Benefits to Your Business

Your Minneapolis business will benefit in many ways beyond just having clean trucks when you use the Westmatic truck wash system. You'll save money on truck cleaning costs because a Westmatic system efficiently uses water, uses less electricity and less chemicals than most other systems.

By thoroughly cleaning your truck fleet on a regular basis, you will lower repair and maintenance costs that arise from wear and tear due to dirty parts. Simply put, clean trucks require less maintenance and the Westmatic wash system is the best way to keep your trucks sparkling.