Minneapolis Bus Wash


Westmatic Corp. has a stellar international record of satisfying clients.  We provide state of the art, environmentally friendly bus wash systems for a large number of private companies, and municipalities.  The name of our game is innovation, and efficiency; both in the actual washing of vehicles, and in the amount of energy our systems use.  If you're looking for a new bus wash system in Minneapolis, you've found it.

What sets us our bus wash systems apart from other companies is their compact design, reduced operator judgement, and incredible versatility.

The compact design of our bus wash systems significantly reduces wash bay space requirements, which in turn reduces build costs. 

Our brushes are also versatile, interchangeable, and able to intelligently adjust to every contour of your vehicles.  By moving into the center of the wash bay, our brushes are able to clean with an overlapping movement, enabling them to sufficiently reach not only the sides, but the front and rear of the bus, as well. 

Another strong benefit of our bus wash systems for Minneapolis business owners is the reduced driver judgement. Instead of a driver having to carefully navigate through the wash bay, the wash bay comes to the vehicle. This helps to reduce any potential damage to the bus.

The environmental impact from our systems is also very low; using less water, electricity, and chemicals.  Through the use of high pressure nozzles and pumps, we are able to deliver just the right amount of pressure with as little water as possible. 

Our reputation speaks for itself. Through endless innovation, Westmatic Corp. has built itself into a true leader in the bus and truck wash system industry.  If you're looking for a new, more efficient way to clean your Minneapolis bus fleet, look no further.

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