Miami Truck Wash System

Cleaning large vehicles can be difficult. Washing by hand is an extensive process and will miss critical areas of the truck like the undercarriage. Additionally, most car washes simply aren't designed to handle a vehicle the size of a truck. You can pay for the services of a professional large wash facility, but they are expensive and may require significant travel in order to reach. If your Miami business uses an entire fleet of trucks, this option simply isn't feasible. The best option is to purchase a Miami truck wash system from Westmatic.

Professional Truck Wash System that Fits in Your GarageMiami Truck Wash System

The Westmatic truck wash system offers all of the advantages of a professional independent large truck wash facility while also managing to easily fit in garage space that you already own. The Westmatic system is incredibly compact,  and requires very little space to operate. Unlike some other truck wash systems, when you buy from Westmatic, you won't have to build or rent space in order to accommodate your cleaning facilities. And despite the small package, this truck wash system has a full set of professional features. It has an automated drive-through system, has rollover brushes, is touchless, cleans every single surface of the vehicle, and has a mirror protection system.

Protecting the Environment and Your Budget

In addition to offering a professional in-house cleaning, the Westmatic Miami truck wash system also is environmentally friendly. This system uses roughly half the water, power, and chemicals of similar truck wash systems. That isn't just environmentally friendly, but also saves you money in the long run, especially on water costs. Between these savings and the money you will save from not having to outsource your truck cleaning, the Westmatic system is very likely to pay for itself in just a matter of years. For more information about any of the Westmatic vehicle washing systems, call or contact us today!