Los Angeles Truck Wash System

Los Angeles Truck Wash System

How long does it take to clean a single truck? If you do it by hand, probably half an hour to an hour and there are parts of your truck that can't quite reach. If you go to a professional truck wash service, only a few minutes for the wash, but you also have to include the travel time and the cost, including gas, is rather high. And that is just for a single truck. If you have a fleet of trucks, the time and costs can get quickly prohibitive. The best way to avoid prohibitive costs in time and money for cleaning your Los Angeles truck fleet is a truck wash system from Westmatic.

Saving You Time and Money

The Westmatic truck wash system saves you time and money in multiple ways. It is small enough to fit in your garage, so you never have to spend time or money transporting trucks to get washed. Furthermore, the automatic system is remarkably efficient, using the minimum amount of water necessary, automatically adjusting brushes to avoid damaging your trucks, and completely cleaning an entire truck in just a few minutes. Finally, the Westmatic system can be fully run by just a single person, which means you save money on manpower costs when cleaning your Los Angeles truck fleet.

A Reputation for Excellence

Westmatic has a reputation for offering the best truck wash systems that money can buy. We have been in operation for over 40 years and our fully customizable washing systems are used around the world. Westmatic systems are durable, easy to maintain, and adapt easily to new trucks in your fleet. Additionally, we provide replacement parts for our truck wash system that are always in stock and almost always ship the day they are requested. You simply won't find a better company for the truck washing needs of your Los Angeles business than Westmatic.