Los Angeles Bus Wash System

Los Angeles residents rely on buses to take them across the country for chartered trips and around the block for shopping, and they don't want to board buses covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt. Since buses can't just roll through a convenient car wash to get clean, many companies have hired dedicated employees who work hours at a time just trying to scrub away that dirt. Invest in a Los Angeles bus wash system to put an end to time-consuming hand washing and get a sparkling fleet without wasting water.

Westmatic produces a top-notch Los Angeles bus wash system that is easy to integrate into nearly any facility. Choose between the scrubbing power of huge rollover brushes, or go with a touch less Los Angeles bus wash system for a fleet outfitted with custom vinyl wraps. Bus owners know how the air pollution of Los Angeles can fade their paint and age the exterior, and a quick wash at the end of the day in a Westmatic bus wash system is the perfect way to keep these vehicles looking new for longer.

Bus Wash System Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bus Wash System

Some systems only run the cleaning brushes down the sides of the bus, but these systems provide front and rear cleaning as well. High-pressure spray knocks loose even the toughest deposits without scratching the finish.

With concerns over water usage rising across California, it also makes sense to invest in a bus washing system that saves water. This Los Angeles bus wash system reduces wasted water while reducing chemical and electricity costs at the same time. Why continue to use wasteful traditional washing systems when a better alternative has arrived?

Keep your fleet attractive and worthy of attention with state of the art washing equipment. Catch the eye of riders and drivers alike with sparkling clean buses cruising through the heart of Los Angeles.