Houston Truck Wash System

Roadway dirt and grime is an eyesore for any fleet of Houston trucks. Grime and road debris can stick to every surface of a commercial truck. When heavy dirt covers paint surfaces and makes its way into small cracks, it has the potential to clog mechanical systems and pipes. And while road dirt is important to clean for the proper maintenance of truck fleets, it is also difficult to clean properly. Houston truck companies have relied on Westmatic truck wash systems since 1974 as their automatic large vehicle washing solution. The Westmatic system is the simple way to keep fleet trucks clean efficiently and affordably.

How Is Westmatic Different?

The Westmatic system is an innovator in the field for a number of reasons:

  • Size. The system is small enough to easily fit in an existing garage space.
  • Ease of Use. The system is easy to use and only requires a single operator.
  • Speed. The system is fast. Trucks are cleaned in just a matter of minutes
Westmatic offers three different systems:
  • Rollover Washing System. This system allows cleaning of hard to reach places.
  • Drive Through System. The process of cleaning is quick and can be completed with just a single operator.
  • Touchless Truck Wash System. Protect the truck from damage while allowing the Westmatic system to adapt to the size of your truck.

Realize Money Savings

Cleaning your Houston truck fleets is cost effective in a number of different ways:

  • Save on additional fuel costs by cleaning within your own garage.
  • Save on repair and maintenance costs by keeping components and undercarriages cleaner.
  • Save on energy costs with the energy efficient, automatic truck wash system. Our systems use less water, electricity and chemicals compared to traditional wash systems.

Your Houston business can benefit from money savings and time, making this the ideal truck washing solution for your company.