Houston Bus Wash SystemHouston Bus Wash System

Oftentimes, buses serve as rolling advertisements and keeping them clean is imperative. Cleaning fleets of Houston buses or motor coaches can be time consuming and expensive. The Westmatic Bus Wash System is designed to thoroughly clean motor coaches and buses. Our high tech bus wash systems effectively clean your motor coaches and buses in record time. The unique "drive through" wash system reduces the amount of operator activity needed to complete the bus washing. The virtually hands-free operation delivers a clean, durable wash every time.

The proprietary Westmatic system includes:

  • Rollover Washing Systems
  • Drive-Through Systems
  • Touchless Truck Wash Systems

High-tech, durable brushes complete bus washing correctly the first time. The turbo power and full density brushes keep moving in the center of the wash bay, effectively cleaning all areas of the bus with very little effort. The drive-through system allows for convenient bus cleaning. The hands-free system is a industry standard that unmatched by the competition.

The core features of the Westmatic bus wash system are:

  • Compact Design
  • Versatility
  • "Green" Energy Efficient Features

The compact design allows for a seamless fit into the wash bay, eliminating the need for building new locations. Full density brushes allow for a more versatile system, allowing customization of the system in various spaces. The system is eco-friendly, saving water, chemical and electrical usage.

Rely on Westmatic Bus Wash Systems

The Westmatic bus wash system focuses on delivering a quality job using highly advanced machinery and technology. Reducing driver judgment helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents and problems during the wash procedure.

For more information on how we can help keep your Houston buses looking like new, contact us today.