Denver Truck Wash System

Denver truck fleet owners will be extremely glad to own a Truck Wash System from Westmatic Corp. Facing cold and harsh winters or hot summer days, now is the time to install a Denver truck wash system which will make all the difference to cleaning your fleet.It's possible that Denver may experience the punishing dry conditions that it did in the summers of the early 2000s. This is where a Denver truck wash system comes into its own. The system was designed in Scandinavia by Westmatic, where environmental issues are of paramount importance, and it uses only half the amount of water that traditional truck washing systems normally do.

Truck Wash Systems Denver

Denver Truck Wash SystemWestmatic truck wash system reclaims and reuses 85% of the water used in each wash cycle. In addition, the hose nozzles are specifically designed to use less water so that trucks can be washed with the minimum amount of water possible. A commercial truck wash that uses a water reclaim system with filtration, as the Westmatic system does, will qualify for certification and may be eligible for rebates. Most companies place environmental concerns high on their list of priorities and a Westmatic Denver truck wash system will put businesses well on their way to meeting eco-friendly criteria, and will save time and money because the whole wash process is automated.

Westmatic has been installing truck wash systems in the US for almost a decade. Contact the sales team for a free site evaluation and advice on the most suitable Denver truck wash system for commercial fleets.