Dallas Truck Wash System

Thousands of people see a company's fleet of trucks every day. The impression a clean truck makes is invaluable advertising. Keeping your fleet clean is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your company.  Westmatic's truck wash systems are customized to meet the needs of a company's fleet while reducing operator judgment with fully automated systems. They are highly versatile to work with different types and sizes of trucks.

The Dallas truck wash system moves into the center of the wash bay and uses overlapping brush movement to get the job done right the first time. Brushes scrub the front, back, and sides to ensure that straight trucks or tractor-trailers get a complete wash. Westmatic has an exclusive Mirror Protection Program on all of its systems. Their brushes and high-pressure spray booms have sensors that detect protruding objects and avoid them.

Dallas Truck Fleet Cleaning

Westmatic truck cleaning systems use belts instead of chains because they require much less maintenance. Factory engineers and technicians will address any problems that may occur. Their systems come with a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor plus a 10-year warranty on the hot-dipped galvanized framework. The Dallas truck wash system only requires between five and ten minutes of maintenance per week.

Stay Green & Save Money

With its innovative design, the Dallas truck wash system only uses about half the electricity, water, and chemicals as traditional large wash systems. This saves a small fortune over time, and is more environmentally friendly.  To learn more about Westmatic's Dallas truck washing system call us at 1-866-747-4567.