Dallas Bus Wash Spare Parts

As an owner of a bus wash system from Westmatic, you know how critical that system is to maintaining the condition and cleanliness of your Dallas bus fleet. Clean buses generally need less overall maintenance and project a good image for your company when potential customers see them on the road.

Because keeping your fleet of buses clean is so critical, it can be potentially disastrous if your Westmatic bus wash system were to falter at the wrong time. At Westmatic, we are keenly aware of that problem and provide the perfect service to help ensure that your bus wash system is working 365 days a year.

Replacement Parts Readily AvailableDallas Bus Wash Spare Parts

The good news about owning a Westmatic bus wash system is that it is designed to require only light maintenance once a month and almost never needs repairs. But when that maintenance requires new parts, or in the rare cases that the system does require repairs, we ensure that bus wash spare parts are always available when needed. We can make this assurance because we utilize advanced warehousing systems that track inventory of all 7,000 parts and analyzes customer need for each and every part. When a part drops below a certain threshold, we automatically restock it before it is needed.

Rapid Delivery

In addition to always having bus wash spare parts in stock, we also offer the fastest delivery options possible. If your business is located in the Dallas area, we can potentially offer same day delivery, if your request for spare parts comes early enough in the day. Even when same day delivery isn't possible, next day delivery is almost always certain. This isn't just an empty promise. We have a track record of shipping replacement parts the day we receive the order over 90% of the time.

When your Dallas business needs bus wash spare parts for a Westmatic bus wash, contact us immediately for rapid delivery of parts that are always in stock.