Columbus Bus Wash

Westmatic Corp. is the world's premier provider of bus wash systems; providing innovative ideas and methods, to water purification systems, and more, we are truly proud to be doing our part in creating a greener and more efficient cities around the globe. We're thrilled to be able to bring our bus wash systems to Columbus.

Our drive-through bus wash systems set us apart from the competition due to their compact size, and reduced water usage, and versatility. Just take a look at a few of the reasons why our systems are the best choice for Columbus' public bus wash:

  • Our compact design offers you the ability to have a smaller wash bay, which reduces new build costs.
  • Because of our bus wash's ability to move into the center of the bus wash, and due to our custom brushes and rollers, our system is not only able to wash the sides, but the front and rear of the vehicle, simultaneously!
  • Our bus wash systems are specially designed to use less water, electricity, and chemicals, making for a more environmentally friendly wash.
  • No more need for the driver to worry; we have significantly reduced driver judgement, and therefore reduced the risk of accidents or injury. Instead of the bus coming to the brushes, the brushes come to the bus, with our system.

Bus Wash Systems in Columbus from Westmatic

Columbus Bus WashWestmatic's bus wash system will make it so much easier for Columbus to keep its public transportation fleet clean, and more productive. When your buses are cleaner, it helps to change the perception of bus travel altogether. Additionally, a cleaner bus means advertisements are more easily seen, and therefore are more effective.  With a new Columbus bus wash system from Westmatic, everyone wins.

Worried about costly repairs and maintenance? There's no need with our bus wash systems - even for all of their sophisticated parts, they require only 30 minutes of repairs and maintenance per month.

The benefits of our bus wash systems for Columbus' transit system make the choice an easy one. If you're looking for more specific information on how our bus wash can world for you, be sure to contact us today.