Chicago Truck Wash System

Dirt and grime from driving is a menace for any fleet of trucks. It can stick to just about any surface of a truck and slips into small cracks, clogging up mechanical systems and pipes. And while road dirt is important to clean, in order to protect the health of your trucks, it is also incredibly difficult to clean. The solution to this problem is order a Westmatic truck wash system for your Chicago business. This system will keep your trucks clean with a minimum of cost and effort.

How the Westmatic Truck Wash System WorksChicago Truck Wash System

The Westmatic system is innovative for a number of reasons. First, it is small enough to easily fit in any garage space you already have. Second, it is remarkably easy to use and only requires a single operator. With minimal training, a single operator can clean your entire fleet of trucks. Finally, it is fast. Trucks are cleaned in just a matter of minutes. The Westmatic system can provide all these benefits because of the following features:

  • Rollover Washing System - This allows the Westmatic system to clean even hard to reach places
  • Drive Through System - This makes the process quick and allows it to be completed with just a single operator
  • Touchless Truck Wash System - This protects the truck from damage while allowing the Westmatic system to adapt to the size of your truck

Save Money with Westmatic

The Westmatic truck wash system saves you money while cleaning your Chicago truck fleet in a number of different ways. You save money on:

  • Fuel costs because the truck wash is in your garage
  • Repair and maintenance costs due to cleaner undercarriages
  • Energy costs because the Westmatic system is automatic

Your Chicago business can easily save more money in a few years than the cost of Westmatic system itself, making this the ideal truck washing solution for your company.